It’s been few months that we have been reading the news that Pune is racing to become a Smart City. There was also another news simultaneously cropped up that PMC and PCMC does not want to join hands to become “Smart”! I find this very strange and feel this is purely driven by false ego of few people in sharing the credit. As a matter of fact it is still not clear whether Pune is really going to qualify for becoming one of the Smart cities in India.

The twin city seems to me as a single city now. It is a single agglomeration. At the time of its establishment i.e. way back in 1982 it was a good decision that there should be a separate Municipal Corporation for the planned area. This has probably helped to reduce the infrastructure pressure on PMC. Today we have a situation that it is very difficult to draw a line between PMC and PCMC. They have almost merged in each other, except for MH-12 and MH-14 number plates.

There are lakhs of people who stay in PCMC area and work in Pune. And vice versa. Probably that was also a reason that PMPML was formed to manage the public transport system linking the two cities. It will be foolish to plan infrastructure separately for PMC and PCMC. Though there should be cost sharing when there is an issue of investment, but planning has to be always at regional level. “Whether it is laying optical fibre or installing software, they would be similar for both the cities,” said Praveen Pardeshi, principal secretary to the chief minister in one of the interview. This makes a lot of sense to me.

Debate on PMC and PCMC becoming Smart City