Client: Gram Panchayat, Chondi and Ministry of Tourism

Location: Chondi, Maharashtra.   Area = 7.5 ha.


Heritage Tourism planned at Chondi (the birth place of Ahilybai Holkar) reflects the social contribution of Ahilyabai Holkar. She was a social reformer and a great patron of many Hindu temples, kunds and Dharmshalas throughout India. She was also involved in developing social infrastructure of the villages at various places.

Srujan’s proposal for Chondi, satisfies two purposes – one, developing tourist infrastructure and second, utilizing untapped natural resources for village development. The proposal focuses on reviving the water system of Chondi village (channelizing and storing the storm water) by constructing a series of Kunds that will cater to the water scarcity problem. These spaces will also act as recreational spaces for tourists. As Chondi is a drought prone region, developing tourism at Chondi will create an opportunity for alternative source of income.

Existing Village Plan (Left) & Proposed Village Plan (Right)

Detailed Plan for Intervention Area.