Client: Forest Department (Regional office), Pune.   

Site Area = 23ha.

Hills are a Natural Resource of Pune and this project explored the possibility of enhancing & managing the same for larger benefit. The aim of the project was to promote Urban Forestry under the Eco-tourism initiative taken by the Forest Department (MoEFCC) on the hills of Pune to enhance the Environmental Quality. The team at Srujan, consisting of environmental planners, landscape architects and urban designers prepared the proposal that intended to offer the citizens a place for Passive Recreation and as an opportunities to promote environmental awareness, promote environmental research and education to citizens.

We called this “Nature’s Park”, which was proposed on Warje hill. The responsive design of the Park intended to give back to nature what has been taken away and to respect all forms of life. “Nature’s Park”, at Warje hill is a fine example of eco-tourism proposal initiated by the Government.

The Plan for Nature’s Park at Warje Hill, Pune.

Section through the site showing the plantation typology, different activity generators like play area, open gymnasium, pavilions and rock climbing.

Section showing different activity generators.

Section through the quarries.

Sketches of play equipment.