SRUJAN Research and Planning Foundation (SR&PF) is a Section 25 company under the Indian Companies Act. It has been brought into existence and led by a group of experts from the field to make valuable contribution in Sustainable Development. These individuals have also made generous contributions to the initial corpus.

SRUJAN offers a broad range of research, planning and design services to meet the development initiatives. The expertise covers a full range of design and planning projects, from small scale design intervention to broad strategy planning projects.

Our expertise includes the following:

Architectural Design
End-to-End Solutions

Environmental Impact Assessment & Clearance

Green Building Certification & Energy Audit

Renewable Energy
Solar Power Generation

Landscape Architecture
Eco-tourism, Agro-tourism, etc.

Large Scale Development
SEZ, townships, special towns, tourism planning, etc.

Urban Design
CBD, TOD, Neighborhoods, Campus, Business & Industrial Parks, Urban Renewal

Urban Planning
Structure plan / development plan, New Town

Environmental Planning
Bio-diversity conservation, NRM

Regional Planning

Applied Research

Strategy Planning
Vision document, CDP