Eco-smart City

Resource Management Model

Resource Management Model

To ensure the self-sufficiency of urban clusters, Srujan has developed a Resource Management Model. This will help in reducing the travelling distance, positively affecting the health and air quality.

The Resource Management Model (RMM) has four dimensions for integrating sustainable solutions in urban development.

  • Land use
  • Transport
  • Air quality
  • Health

The RMM helps to answer some of the basic questions in urban planning, i.e. how, where and what.

Over years of working on various planning projects, a Land use Compatibility Matrix (LCM) is prepared by SRUJAN team. This LCM is a tool that helps planners, government officials, developers and other stake holders to take decisions in planning of urban areas. The tool is also helpful for planning of urban infrastructure as it sets out the population distribution pattern within an urban area.

The tool also integrates an inclusive planning approach. We propose a planning workshop using this tool with all the stake holders and encourage a debate on all the aspects of urban design, planning and environmental performance. This approach gives an opportunity to explore the tangible and intangible solutions.

Once a conceptual development model is fixed by the stakeholders, the planners work out a proper plan, which includes population projection, transportation plan, infrastructure and utility details, etc. This method is very useful in realizing measurable benefits from the proposed solutions. It is a collective effort and is not a single person’s perception or dream.

We ensure that we deliver a project that performs as was envisaged by the team during the workshop stage.