Client: Forest Department (Regional office), Pune

Preliminary Assessment for retrofitting the existing office building of Forest Dept. to ECBC compliance.

Location: Gokhale Nagar, Pune.   Area = 1.25ha.


The aim of this project was to make preliminary assessment of retrofitting the existing building of Forest Dept., Pune to ECBC Compliance. The project was intended to act as a pilot project to demonstrate the implementation of ECBC norms set by BEE.

The guidelines set by BEE, through Energy Conservation Building Code (ECBC) is a first step towards creating a responsive environment in India. Assessing the existing Forest Dept. building in Pune to ECBC compliance will help the Forest Department (MoEFCC) to use the energy more efficiently and set precedence for its upcoming projects to be more responsive.

Environmental Architects and Planners at Srujan made detailed calculations to identify the gap in Energy Efficiency, as prescribed by ECBC and recommended strategies for the same. The Strategies were based on the Best Case Scenario and Optimum Case Scenario.